Zoom on the traditional electric roller shutter

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Posted on: 05/17/18

Unlike the swing shutter that you have to close and open manually anywhere in your home, the traditional electric roller shutter will require less effort. Are you interested in finding out?

remote controlled dc motors

The various opening and closing systems of your traditional electric roller shutter

In home automation mode (total centralization of all your electrical joinery), via a wired or remote-controlled system, your traditional electric roller shutter offers you different opening and closing modes...

The wired control

At the touch of a switch, your shutter opens and closes. It is a classic system that is frequently found for its practicality.

The remote control

Your traditional electric roller shutter opens and closes with a remote control, via radio waves. This solution does not require a switch on your wall and preserves your interior. However, the remote control is often coupled to a wired system because you can lose or break it... That is why some play the safety card by combining the two modes of operation.

In home automation mode

You have several traditional electric roller shutters to coordinate, or you would also like to centralize the opening of your gate and garage door. Home automation is for you!

With centralized remote controlled dc motors, you can open/close your joineries at the same time with a simple click but also simulate your presence even if you are hundreds of kilometers from home.

The waves used to open or close your traditional electric roller shutter are inviolable: the code cannot be reproduced. This way, no intruder can open your shutters.

If your electric roller shutter encounters an obstacle when it closes, it stops sharply to prevent damage.

Good to know: home automation is easier to implement in a new house. This remains possible on a habitat to renovate but it is much more delicate.


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